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Frequently Asked Questions
Approval Process
When I key in the application, do I need to fill in all of the information?

You only need to fill in information that is marked with the asterisk (*). We recommend entering the client’s email address as well.

What do I do if the approval says $2,500 but I need $2,800 to make the sale?

We have built in a 12% variance which allows you to run a contract up to 12% over the approval amount to cover the merchandise plus taxes, warranty and delivery charges, if any.  In this case, you would be allowed to make the sale.

Is there a down payment required?

No, we do not require a down payment.   We also give the client 12% to finance the merchandise along with taxes, warranty and delivery charges.

How long does it take to get a contract funded?

We fund contracts within 2 business days after receiving the sign and dated delivery ticket.

What kind of paperwork is required for an approved customer?

  • A valid, unexpired ID (which includes one of the following: DMV issued ID or Driver’s License; Passport; Mexican Matricula or Resident Alien Card)
  • 3 personal references (names and phone numbers)
  • The store invoice and the signed contract are always required
  • Income verification may be required depending on underwriting

What is the loan process after my customer takes possession of their goods?

Within a week of delivery, the customer will get a welcome letter in the mail and will receive a phone call from Regional Finance to go over the terms or contract and how to make their payment.  They can pay at the branch, over the phone, or online.

Who can I call if I have questions?

You can call 877-9-RETAIL – RMC Retail is open 7 days a week:  10am-9pm Mon-Sat (EST) and 12-9pm Sun (EST).  You can email us anytime: We are only closed on Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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